2018 Round 2, Snetterton 300

This was one of those events you have in sport from time to time, where nothing seems to work out. It didn’t start well as Friday testing was fully booked, which meant I was getting my eye in during qualifying. While the tyres are at their best on laps 2 and 3, I certainly wasn’t!

I lined up 14th on the grid for race 1A and was making progress in the race, although not very quickly. When I got to 10th I started to lose power and people were able to simply drive past. This in itself is obviously frustrating, but then I was involved in a incident at the hairpin. I had Adam Bessell on my inside and while he was there, another car dove up his inside, crashing into him, and in turn clattering into me. I kept going and finished 14th. Bessell wasn’t so lucky and was out. All very messy and needless. After the race we also found that the timing on the engine was out, so we had that reset and it was fingers crossed the power would return.

Race 2A was a reset as I was again starting 14th. I had a great getaway – one of the best I’ve had – and was heading down to turn 1 on the outside. I left a enough space on the inside, but a driver inside me locked up and slid straight into my rear corner. Their mistake spun me way off into the weeds and right to the back. I then had to pit as the bodywork was rubbing and went back out half a lap down. No miracles were forthcoming over the rest of the race so I finished last and we still didn’t know if the power issue was fixed as I was running alone.

The result in 2A relegated me to race 3B. I started 5th and was in 2nd at the end of lap one, then took the lead on lap two. After that I managed to pull away to win by a margin, but the A race pace was still not there.

So, a pretty confusing and at times infuriating weekend. If we can get to the bottom of the power problem I think we’ll have much more fun. Onwards!