2018 Round 7, Rockingham ISSCL

With its speedway oval banking, Rockingham provides a unique challenge in UK motorsport. The track has a good mix of a twisty and undulating infield, with a long and wide oval section which is [...]

2018 Round 6, Anglesey Coastal

There was a quick turn-around from Silverstone to Anglesey and I was happy to be racing again so soon after my best weekend performance of the year two weeks previously. As ever, qualifying was [...]

2018 Round 5, Silverstone National

Racing an MX-5 at Silverstone is all about one thing: slipstreaming. With three long straights and (essentially) only four corners, towing results in close lap times and closer racing. Plus, with [...]

2018 Round 4, Oulton Park International

Club meetings at Oulton Park are a quick-fire affair, as qualifying and the races all take place on the Saturday. With tight turn around times from one session to the next it is important to stay [...]

2018 Round 3, Cadwell Park

This was a game-changing weekend and hopefully a turning point for the whole season. It started of much like the other recent race weekends. I was fairly quick over a single lap in testing and [...]

2018 Round 2, Snetterton 300

This was one of those events you have in sport from time to time, where nothing seems to work out. It didn’t start well as Friday testing was fully booked, which meant I was getting my eye in [...]

2018 Round 1, Brands Hatch Indy

The 2018 BRSCC Mazda MX-5 Championship started at Brand Hatch, on the Indy circuit. In contrast to the great old circuit, the event marked several firsts for us: new engine, new colour scheme and [...]

Round 8, Donington

Donington Park is one of my favourite circuits and I was happy that we were heading there to finish off the season. Since the previous round at Croft, we had worked to resolve the engine power [...]

Round 7, Croft

Croft Circuit is a long way from East Sussex. It’s situated just south of Darlington and while I had visited once many years ago, my racing career had not taken me there up to this point. The [...]

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