Drama at a dramatic venue

2021 BRSCC Mazda MX-5 SuperCup.
Round 3, Anglesey International.

We knew going into this race weekend it would have a very different look to it for Dad and myself. With BLiNK shutting down, we found a new home at Hills Motorsport. We collected car and met the team Friday morning for testing. They were fantastic and very welcoming.

Friday went well and after a good couple of laps in qualifying, I scored my best result in SuperCup so far, 4th fastest out of the 35 cars entered.

I had an average getaway in race one, but Brayden Fletcher jumped the start and I was pinched between him and James Cossins into turn one, so I lost two places. Overtook Brayden, who did get a penalty, but it was too late and I was a way back from the top group in 5th. There was a long safety car period, but I didn’t really have the pace to get back up the order in the two lap dash to the end.

I started 4th again in race 2 and was running nicely in 4th until Will Blackwell-Chambers had brake failure at Rocket, and we narrowly missed disaster. This lost me a place to Brayden Fletcher, but I took it back and started chipping away at Patrick Fletcher in 3rd. I wasn’t able to catch him, but did reduce the gap to 1.1 seconds from 2.5, and was really pleased. This was probably my best SuperCup race yet.

The third race always has a partial reverse grid, which gave me a third place start. It rained heavily beforehand, but dried quickly during the race, catching us out slightly with the tyre pressures. I had a bad start and ran 5th at the end of lap one, in a close group for the lead. As it started to string out I spend the middle part of the race in 6th, but slightly tapped Cossins up a Rocket when it all closed up. It was clumsy on my part, but not malicious, as I ended up losing a place. By the end of the race I finished 5th, but was penalised down to 8th due to that contact.

Overall it was a good weekend and probably my strongest yet. We head to Snetterton next, so I ‘m looking forward to making more progress with team Hills.