Dreadlock holiday

2019 BRSCC Mazda MX-5 Championship.
Round 4, Anglesey.

We really enjoy the Anglesey race weekend. It’s like going on a racing holiday. But this year we had a bit of a difficult time, for one reason or another.

It was the first race meeting that everyone would run on the new Avon tyres, there being a choice previously between them and the older Hankook. We had tested on the new tyres, but not used them for a race meeting before, so there would be some learning to do. I was expecting some changes in the running order, but was hoping I wouldn’t be one of them!

Qualifying was wet and we learnt the first lesson. We opted for full wet (unshaven) tyres. That probably wasn’t the way to go, but I managed 2nd in group which would be 4th on grid for race 1A.

The race got underway and I was running 3rd. We had set the car up to come in later in the race, as the track was damp and drying. Unfortunately I wasn’t really quick enough in the early stages and the front two edged away. Then I had some contact with another car as they tried to pass me, but ran over a wet patch, which meant we touched and it sent me across the grass. I dropped to 10th place and recovered to 8th. Not a good start!

Race 2 went better – we were quicker and things went my way a little too. I was able to quickly get up into the podium positions and then had a great battle with Ben Short, Will Blackwell-Chambers and Adam Bessell for the lead. I ended up 3rd and was pleased to be back on the podium.

Race 3 was a be lively from the off, with some contact between other drivers on the first lap seeing cars all over the road. I had my own drama at the same time and ended up grass tracking once more, this time breaking my exhaust in the process. I dropped to 10th again and had to try and fight back through again. I ended up 7th after a hard battle with Short.

3rd, 7th and 8th is not an awful weekend by any stretch, but it seemed like it driving home. This just shows how far we have come in the last two years as our expectations are now so high. Blackwell-Chambers won 2 races and pulled a good gap on me in the points, but we are only half way and there is lots of fun to come! Time to reset, forget the points and go for it.